Our quality management team, carry out quality tests at all stages of the production. Our personnel carry out inspection processes from the initial stage of product development to the final stage

Inspection level
The product inspections are carried out in accordance with the standard of Single Sampling Plan for Normal Inspection Level II.

AQL standards are used for final inspection such as

  • 0 critical defects
  • 2.5 major defects
  • 4.0 minor defect

Online Inspection
The purpose of this inspection is to assure that the making and measurements are completely in accordance to the buyers' requirement. At this stage of the production, in case of any discrepancies detected, our technicians along with our production dept will submit an action plan to the vendor in order to help them achieve the best quality product.

Initial Inspection
The purpose of this inspection is to check the quality of raw materials at the initial stage only.

Final Inspection
The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that the standards set for the bulk production are achieved and that the quality of the production is acceptable as per the buyer's standard.

Since our constant endeavor has been to offer quality products to our buyers, we also cater to the requirements of individuals.